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Scientific publications / publications scientifiques


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  3. 2016

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  8. 2015

  9. Cayrou,C., Ballester,B., Peiffer,I., Fenouil,R., Coulombe,P., Andrau,J.-C., van Helden,J. and Méchali,M. (2015) The chromatin environment shapes DNA replication origin organization and defines origin classes. Genome Res, 25, 1873–1885. [PMID 26560631]
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  12. 2014

  13. 14 entries in the Concise Encyclopaedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
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    On publisher's site
  14. 2013

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  16. 2012

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  22. 2011

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  28. 2010

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  31. 2009

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  39. 2008

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  52. 2007

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  59. 2006

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  63. 2005

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  69. 2004

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  73. 2003

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  78. 2002

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  81. 2001

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  84. Last Century / Siècle dernier

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Science and society / Science et société

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